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The Ylang-Ylang Spa at Taal Vista is one of the best things about Tagaytay. After a whole day of fun-filled activity touring around Tagaytay or maybe even after an intense workout at the gym, it feels great to know that a relaxing massage await guests at Taal Vista.

Choosing from the wide selection of the available service massages is the hardest part because reading the descriptions alone would make anybody want to try each one out. There is the East-West Massage, which is a combination of Chinese, Swedish and deep tissue techniques that will ease aches, pains and strains. This oil massage varies according to a person’s particular needs. The Asmara Royal Massage meanwhile is a two-hour massage that uses a special blend of essential oils as mood therapy. The Aromatherapy Massage is a method of healing by massaging the body using essential oils that are extracted from plants. Guests can choose an essential oil for its therapeutic effects, the beauty of a fragrance or both. The essential oils can also be blended for harmonious, combined effect to promote calmness, skin healing, blood pressure balance, muscle pain relief and more.

The Warm Herbal Oil Massage is a mixture of herbs and oils is carefully blended together and gently massaged warm on to your body to soothe and treat problems such as anxiety and insomnia. For those who want relief from stiff and sore muscles while at the same time get rid of congestion and inflammation, there is the Warm Stone Massage. Hot stones are strategically placed on the body and combined with an oil massage, which results in a deep state of relaxation.

For those looking for the same benefits of yoga, there is the Thai Massage, which lets the guest undergo deep muscle stretching, application of pressure on energy lines and proper breathing. It is performed comfortably dressed on a mattress on the floor with 10 minutes set aside for a soothing footbath.

The Swedish Massage is a traditional oil massage that involves stroking and pressing the soft tissues of the entire body in order to induce a state of total relaxation while the Shiatsu (Finger Pressure Massage) is a Japanese traditional form of physical therapy that involves pressure on the acupuncture points in order to balance the body’s energy and promote good health. A Seated Back Massage and the traditional Hilot is also available.

Opting for the East-West Massage, I was given a very calming tea before I proceeded to take a quick shower. Lying face down, I began to relax as soon as the masseuse started working her magic. I had just come from a gym workout a few hours before and my tense muscles soon loosened as my legs, my arms, and my back responded to the masseuse’s deliberate and delicate skills. Dozing off was inevitable and I was only awoken when I had to turn around and lie on my back. This was when the masseuse started massaging my face and the scalp of my head. The soothing smell of the oils, combined with the sounds of nature playing, only helped me relax even more. Hardly had I noticed that the session was over and I could have lied on the bed for one more hour. But waiting for me was a scrumptious dinner and so I had to feed my tummy since I had already fed my soul.

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