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SO THIS will be my new personal blog. I'll write about a different topic every time so I don't get bored.

Since Sunday is my Tennis day, I'll write about the sport I'm so crazy about for my first entry. I got into it when I was very, very depressed. I needed a distraction. My dad plays regularly and when he invited me to the village courts November 2006, I started taking lessons. I found it to be quite addicting and eventually, I started playing at least twice a week.

Fast-forward to today. I just came from the tennis courts earlier and I must say I'm very proud of my fellow Amihan, Ken. He sent me a YM message one time asking if he can join. I saw that he could hit the ball into the court quite well and I was able to encourage him to take the basic lessons from my trainer. It helped him a lot as he was able to rally with me earlier and quite well if I should say so. His serve even improved. But he had a lot to improve on his one-handed backhand. Ken brought his younger brother, Jason who's just 12. He's gonna grow taller than Ken and from what Lando the trainer said, the youngster is gonna learn fast.

Carli, another fellow Amihan, started taking lessons last week. He was unfortunately absent today. His two-handed backhand is his best shot but I can see that he's really trying his best to improve his forehand. He's a lefty by the way.

It really warms my heart seeing these two friends become as passionate as I am. I really find tennis to be such a great sport because it's one sport where I really want my friends to get better at. Just the compliments we give to each other is very encouraging. Before, when I used to play basketball, I'd always dish out some trash talking to distract players from the opposing team. But Tennis is really a gentleman's game. You can't even lie about calls 'coz you'd be too embarrassed to win a point that way. Haha.

Next Sunday would be my second doubles match. Efren and I lost our match last Sunday but we're gonna try to get our first win in the doubles tourney next week.

Random thoughts:
- I'm really loving my Wilson KFactor 90. The pop I'm getting is just too awesome for words.
- My serve has been really improving a lot. I never thought I'd be able to place my serves where I want them to.
- I'm gonna try to catch every film during Pelicula:
- Check out my food blog:

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